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Welcome to the...

Pure joy, limited only by your imagination!

Ladies and Gentlthems, Children of all ages
Laugh in the face of gravity and awaken your imagination! 


Featuring the most magnificent performers that Chicago has to offer, The Imagination Circus is a performance ensemble that enlivens the spirit in both young and old! Available for private events, corporate entertainment, or benefit performances.

_MG_9266 cropped.jpg
_MG_9266 cropped.jpg

Circus is the history of spectacle

Traditionally traveling in miles of train cars with casts and crews of thousands, Circus has always been about community gatherings and witnessing the unimaginable. The Imagination Circus explores that performance heritage incorporating puppetry and pagentry.  

Animal Acts
and Audacious Feats

Experience the sites and sounds of

the Imagaination Circus

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