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The Imagination Circus: to dream

Join us for The imagination Circus, a whimsical trip into your imagination, as you experience this aspirational adventure for adults, and an exciting feast for the eyes for the young, and the younger.  


We invite you to follow the story told by the diverse cast of characters as they find themselves longing towards dreams they never even knew they had, and landing in the middle of breathtaking circus acts and puppetry, all helping to bring to life incarnations of circus acts from the days of yore. 

Featuring amazingly talented performers from around the country, The Imagination Circus is a perfect date night, a terrific family affair, and for everyone who dares to dream. 

Chopin Theatre

1543 W .     Division

Chicago, IL 

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Saturday March 26 3pm & 7pm • Sunday March 27 3pm & 7pm
Saturday April 2 3pm & 7pm • Sunday April 3 3pm & 7pm

55 minute run time

Post-show engagement recommended for up to 30 minutes. 

Theater opens 30 minutes prior to curtain, with coffee and bar service available. 

Adults: $28

Ages 3-18: $18

Tickets at the door

Adults: $30

Ages 3-18: $20


Q- Is this show for kids, or is this show for adults? 

A- Yes


Q- Does this show have live performers, or are the performers puppets?

A- Yes


Q- Is this show appropriate for everyone?

A- Yes, anyone who has ever dreamed a dream, or imagines they ever will. 


“When the day is long and the wind blows hard. When the air is heavy and the days aren’t proud. When you wish and you dream and you can’t explain why, close your eyes and just imagine, and you can fly. 

You’ll laugh and you’ll cheer and you’ll dream those dreams, take on each day’s challenge and you’ll find it seems that you hold the key to getting a brand new start, when you keep The Imagination Circus in your heart”

Our Dreamers

Nicolle Wood

About Nicolle Wood: Director, Producer, Writer
Nicolle has spent the past two decades, as director of The Galaxie, producing spectacle-based entertainment in and around Chicago as well as working with student and family groups creating unique opportunities for educational and inspirational classes, workshops and events. 
The Imagination Circus is the perfect synthesis of her history of presenting to the public, having created a wholly unique take on the Circus experience that includes the very best performers from Chicago and around the country.  Simultaneously she has conceived of puppetry that represents the animal acts from her childhood memories in the most humane and engaging fashion, and she has tied it all together with a story of inspiration and aspiration that she hopes will send all guests, young and younger, home with the belief that they can do whatever they hope to do, and be whatever they dream of being. 

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